Where land strategically intersects

road, rail and runway to drive business growth



Partnering with our clients to provide services and resources that ensure the certainty of project budget, schedule and outcome.


Developing community among the industries that build and expand in our service area and the workers they employ.


Facilitating a swift and cooperative process to build the right team to accomplish the needs of each company and project.

2022 West Plains Stormwater Implementation Support Services

S3R3 Solutions is currently soliciting Request for Qualifications from firms interested in participating in a project to provide professional services.  The consultant shall assist S3R3 with implementation of the Capital Improvement Program developed by Osborn Consulting for the West Plains. The study has identified four regional infiltration facilities and one detention pond to capture and dispose of stormwater runoff. The interested consultant must be licensed to do business in the State of Washington and also must have [5] years of experience in hydrogeology, stormwater management, civil design and grant writing. The two supporting documents referenced in Section 7 as well as the RFQ are posted on S3R3’s website (s3r3solutions.com) on the home page.
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S3R3 Solutions is a client-centered firm that marshals the resources of public and private service providers to recruit new and existing businesses into the West Plains Airport Area and drives economic prosperity through the creation of jobs.
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The West Plains Airport Area (WPAA) offers businesses land already equipped with essential infrastructure and key access points to multiple modes of transportation, enabling freight to move efficiently. As the public development authority for the WPAA, S3R3 Solutions is the client-centered partner your business needs at the intersection of it all. Whether your entity seeks to build a new company, or relocate an existing company within the WPAA boundary, we have the staff and expertise to execute a build to suit or a relocation project from vision to operational reality and all the steps between.


Our strategic location gives companies immediate access to the systems needed to move freight efficiently and provides close proximity to railways, highways, interstates and an international airport with an international seaport close by.
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We are building a place where business can thrive today and in the future. We are building communities with our strategic partners, among the businesses in the WPAA and in the surrounding living environments where their employees engage.
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We are intentional about well-planned, sustainable growth for the WPAA and our surrounding region. We make strategic investments into land, building and infrastructure assets for the needs of our business community today and in the future.
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Location is everything


  • Tom Tilford

    Property Owner
    ”S3R3 Solutions is a wonderful mechanism for rational and timely decisions for property owners in the West Plains.”
Photo of airport from above with multiple airplanes docked.

Why the Spokane
West plains

The Spokane region supports an incredible quality of life. There is a realistic work-life balance to be found here and enjoyed through our many cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

a regional hub

The Spokane metro area is a regional hub for many diverse and growing industries. S3R3 Solutions is an integral member of these industries, strategically networked to key public and private partners to provide your company the access you need to build and grow a thriving business in the West Plains Airport Area.


Businesses will benefit from locating in the 5th largest aerospace industry cluster in the U.S, and can take advantage of perks offered by the only mid-market city in the top five.


Twenty colleges and nine universities in the region with over 76,000 students.


The area is home to incredible musical groups, concert venues, theaters, colleges, minor league sports teams and numerous restaurants.

Health Care

Spokane region is a health industry hub that connects companies with infrastructure, talent and a network of health care, health IT, pharmaceutical, medical devices and more.


$500million in Private Investments adding 7,000 new jobs in the West Plains PDA.

community offerings

The West Plains, Spokane and surrounding regions offer numerous urban and natural amenities that invite newcomers and attract residents to establish roots in our area. From affordable housing options and minimal commute times, to multiple year round recreation options, the region offers attainable work-life balance and numerous ways to find and build community.

food and

Boutique Coffee and Roasters, Brewing and Distilling, Food Trucks and Farmers Markets, Over 40 Arts Organizations, Rich Cultural Heritage

Reasonable Housing Cost

Median house price in Spokane region = $257,524

Minimal commute times

The average commute time in the region is less than 20 minutes

Varied outdoor recreation options

100 lakes, 35 public golf courses and 5 ski resorts.

international airport with global access

Nonstop service to 19 destinations


Twenty colleges and nine universities in the region with over 76,000 students.

Employment statistics

Over 670,000 populations, Median Age 37, Labor Force of 252,000, 5.6% Unemployment Rate

We’re here to help

S3R3 Solutions is here to help your business grow through access to client-centered services and access to land and logistics. Connect with us today to learn more about the West Plains Airport Area, and the services we provide.