Our strategic location is your business advantage.

Multi-modal transportation

Being located in the West Plains Airport Area (WPAA) provides significant competitive advantages for your business. Businesses will benefit from locating in the 5th largest aerospace industry cluster in the U.S, and can take advantage of perks offered by the only mid-market city in the top five.  Additionally, your business gains key access points to an international airport, interstates and highways, class 1 rail carriers and proximity to an international seaport. Engaging with S3R3 Solutions ensures that your project moves further, faster.


Close proximity to Spokane International Airport (SIA) and the growing aerospace industry cluster that surrounds it is one of the many advantages for businesses located within the WPAA boundary.
The SIA has plans for continued growth and expansion with the land to support it. Within the next decade, the SIA plans to:

rail and transload

Publicly owned facility with private party operator that provides access to Class 1 rail carriers in the WPAA. Attractive to high level target companies in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

Project Updates:


Businesses locating to the WPAA boundary will find land equipped with the essential infrastructure and key access points to multiple modes of transportation needed to move freight quickly and efficiently. In addition to the infrastructure already present within the WPAA, S3R3 Solutions continues to lead a team of dedicated public and private partners in the planning and building of infrastructure for the future needs of businesses.


Our strategic location gives companies immediate access to the systems needed to move freight efficiently. Our logistics hub provides close proximity to railways, highways, interstates and an international airport with an international seaport close by.

WPAA by the Numbers

“The WPAA is a catalyst for economic development in the West Plains region and for bringing communities together to support that development.”

- Albert Tripp, Chief Executive and Administrator, City of Airway Heights

Over 9000 acres

Of developable land in Eastern Washington

5 minutes or less

From access points to:

5 Miles

From Downtown Spokane, Washington

5 Hours

From Seattle, Washington and Tacoma International Seaport

regional hub

The Spokane metro area is a regional hub for many diverse and growing industries. S3R3 Solutions is an integral member of these industries, strategically networked to key public and private partners to provide your company the access you need to build and grow a thriving business in the West Plains Airport Area.
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Businesses will benefit from locating in the 5th largest aerospace industry cluster in the U.S, and can take advantage of perks offered by the only mid-market city in the top five.


Twenty colleges and nine universities in the region with over 76,000 students.


The area is home to incredible musical groups, concert venues, theaters, colleges, minor league sports teams and numerous restaurants.

Health Care

Spokane region is a health industry hub that connects companies with infrastructure, talent and a network of health care, health IT, pharmaceutical, medical devices and more.


$500million in Private Investments adding 7,000 new jobs in the West Plains PDA.