From exploratory conversations, to due diligence on land and building acquisition, to deal shepherding, to workforce development, S3R3 Solutions brings together a team of experts to help your business grow here.

smart growth today

S3R3 Solutions and our partners are intentional about well-planned, smart growth for the West Plains Airport Area (WPAA) and our surrounding region. The investments we make into land, building and infrastructure assets are strategic for the needs of our business community today and in the future. We also partner with many public and private entities to develop and grow an able and prepared workforce for our region. We are advocates for the real estate community addressing the housing needs of a growing West Plains community and are working with them to ensure multiple housing types and cost options are available for the employees locating into our area.

Workforce Development

As an established Community Empowerment Zone, S3R3 Solutions partners with the Spokane Workforce council to ensure companies located in the WPAA has a sustainable and prepared workforce. Drawing from local universities, colleges and workforce development programs, we work to develop training programs focused on key industries including manufacturing, aerospace, transportation and trucking.
We also work with companies to provide customized training and workforce development programs tailored to the direct needs of the clients we serve. We want to prepare employees for specific jobs, ensuring companies do not encounter workforce gaps when locating or expanding into the West Plains Airport Area.

sustainable growth today

Business is growing here. We envision the WPAA as a globally recognized innovation zone complete with advanced manufacturing and aerospace industry clusters. Everyday, we are moving closer to this goal. More businesses are starting projects in our area because of the sound investments we have made, and continue to make, into the necessary infrastructure that makes it easy for businesses to grow and thrive here.
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S3R3 brings high level expertise to projects being developed in the West Plains Airport Area. Here are the projects currently in planning and production.

MRSC rosters

S3R3 Solutions utilizes the MRSC Rosters. If you are a consultant and wish do business with S3R3 Solutions please register at the following link: 

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While it is understood that business development and economic growth positively impact communities, our neighbors often have questions about the process and the outcomes. We value the community‚Äôs input. It is part of our effort to build relationships with the living communities that neighbor the WPAA. Community members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in public board meetings and to reach out to S3R3 Solutions staff to engage in productive conversations.