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Where land strategically intersects road, rail and runway to drive business growth


S3R3 Solutions is a client-centered firm that marshals the resources of public and private service providers to recruit new and existing businesses into the West Plains Airport Area  and drives economic prosperity through the creation of jobs.


The West Plains Airport Area is a globally recognized innovation zone with advanced manufacturing and aerospace industry clusters.  We have the staff, board and strategic partners to make it happen.


S3R3 Solutions is deeply committed to providing our clients and their employees with certainty, community and collaboration. Every project. Every time.

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Your trusted business partner at the intersection of access, place and growth.
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The strategic location of the West Plains Airport Area (WPAA) gives companies immediate access to the systems needed to move freight. Our logistics hub provides close proximity to railways, highways, interstates and an international airport, with an international seaport less than 5 hours away.
  • Strategic location as a logistics hub
  • Immediate access to efficient freight moving systems
  • International airport, interstate, highways, railways, proximity to international seaport
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We are building a place where business can thrive today and in the future. We are building communities with our strategic partners, among the businesses in the WPAA and in the surrounding living environments where their employees engage.
  • Hub and spoke model, S3R3 Solutions at the center
  • Connection for today and the future
  • Building community among WPAA businesses, their employees and the surrounding living environments
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S3R3 Solutions and our partners are intentional about well-planned, smart growth for the WPAA and our surrounding region. The investments we make into land, building and infrastructure assets are strategic for the needs of our business community today and in the future.
  • Intentionally pursuing well-planned growth for the WPAA and surrounding communities
  • Smart and sustainable
  • Investing in strategic land and infrastructure development

scott simmons

CEO, Spokane County
"If you look back five years from now, I anticipate the WPAA will be one of the biggest areas of economic development and growth in our region because of S3R3 Solution's ability to quickly bring the right partners and solutions together to attract businesses."
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Developed as a collaborative partnership between Spokane County, the City of Spokane, and the Spokane International Airport, S3R3 Solution's unique model enables municipal, governmental, public and private business entities to work cooperatively to grow economic prosperity in the West Plains region.

spokane city

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington State and the 100th largest city in the United States. It is the seat of Spokane County and is the economic and cultural center of the Spokane metropolitan area and the Inland Northwest. Centered around a picturesque downtown landscape anchored by the Spokane River and Riverfront Park, with investments in new living/working communities such as Kendall Yards in the surrounding areas the City of Spokane is growing. Spokane is experiencing revitalizing movements in arts, culture and food. Economic development in the region focuses on manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, life sciences, agribusiness and IT and energy.
Spokane County

Spokane County

Spokane County is the fourth-most populous county in Washington State. Located in Eastern Washington, Spokane County has a total of 1,781 square miles and is home to more than a half million people. There are 9 cities and 4 towns located within the county boundaries as well as numerous unincorporated communities. Spokane County is also home to Fairchild Airforce Base. 10 major highways and interstates traverse Spokane County. There are 4 major parks including a state park, 3 summits and peaks, 5 lakes and 5 rivers all located within the county.

Spokane international Airport

Spokane International Airport (SIA) is the second largest airport in WA state and is recognized by the FAA as a small hub. Encompassing 6,140 acres, it is served by six commercial airliners and two air cargo carriers. In 2019, SIA processed more than 4 million passengers and 70,287 US air cargo tons.


  • Tom Tilford

    Property Owner
    ”S3R3 Solutions is a wonderful mechanism for rational and timely decisions for property owners in the West Plains.”

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