Fairchild Air Force Base

Fairchild Air Force Base

100 Chennault Ave ste 100, Fairchild AFB, WA 99011

When was Fairchild Air Force Base Founded?

Fairchild Air Force Base, located in Spokane, Washington, was founded in 1942. The base plays an integral role in our nation’s defense history and helps to foster the Spokane area’s vibrant population. Fairchild’s staff and aircraft are a foundation of the military fleet on the west coast. Almost 12,000 active-duty members of the Air National Guard, tenant unit members, and civilians are located on the base.
Where is Fairchild Air Force Base?

Nestled just 12 miles west of Spokane, the area is optimal for a base. It experiences excellent weather conditions, is located just 300 miles from the west coast and offers protection via the Cascade Mountain range. Fairchild’s aircraft and staff are considered a Center of Excellence for air refueling. Air refueling is the process of transferring airplane fuel from one military aircraft or tanker to another during a flight. Spokane residents experience a great deal of air traffic due to the base.

What Does Fairchild Air Force Base Do?

In addition to air refueling, Fairchild is one of the Air Force’s premier tanker bases and survival training schoolhouses. Units of the Fairchild base include Air Force survival, evasion, resistance and escape school, medical detachments, and more. The greater Fairchild and Spokane area is home to aviation activities, including training, parachute jumping, and general aviation.

The Air Refueling Wing of the Air Force base has four main groups, Operations, Maintenance, Mission Support, and Medical, composed of staff and military experts. The operations group oversees weather, flight equipment, airfield management, and more. The maintenance team provides and maintains a high state of combat and readiness personnel and equipment. Third, the mission support group offers civil engineers, communications, logistics, security forces, and more. The medical group provides dental and mental health services for residents, among others.
When is the Fairchild Air Force Base Sky Fest?

In early summer, the base hosts an air show for the public called “Sky Fest.” The United States Air Force Thunderbirds put on a thrilling spectacle, and admission and parking are free. Premium box seats are available that include lunch and reserved tables. In addition to the Thunderbirds, the event consists of plane fly-bys for about three hours and is fun for the whole family. For details, click here: https://fairchildskyfest.com.

Fairchild Air Force Base Benefits

Fairchild Air Force Base, located in Spokane, WA, creates jobs, offers family-friendly events, increases the area population, and generates property and tax revenue for the community. With such rich history underfoot, Fairchild Air Force Base is a large part of the eastern Washington storied history.

Questions? Visit the Fairchild Air Force Base webpage for more information: https://www.fairchild.af.mil.