Barrister Winery

Barrister Winery
1213 W. Railroad Ave, Spokane, Washington, 99201

While in British Columbia on vacation with their families, Greg Lipsker and Michael White purchased a Zinfandel wine making kit. That wine making kit later turned into a successful winery. The two entered the Indy International Wine Competition in 2000 and won three gold medals and one silver. After that, they became more passionate about their wine. (Barrister Winery, n.d.).

In 2001 they thought it was time to give their business a name. Since they were both lawyers, they decided to name their business after the British word for lawyer, Barrister. They continued to win awards and their business grew. In 2009 they added a member to their team, Tyler Walters. He is now a part owner as well. In 2015 it was time for expansion and Barrister opened their second great wine tasting room in Spokane, Washington. The new location is in a great place for downtown visitors.

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Can You Get Married at Barrister Winery?
Now that you have gotten a little of the backstory, let’s look at all they have to offer!
This is the perfect location to host your wedding as it creates a wonderful atmosphere, and you never have to worry about running out of wine! They have a couple venues to choose from, the Urban Garden Courtyard or the Historic Brick and Timber Gallery.

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Does Barrister Winery Have Live Music?
Looking for a fun lady’s night or a date night with your partner? Check out the Barrister Winery on Wednesdays or Fridays for live music in Spokane, Washington. If you want to eat at the concert, they have the option of ordering ahead from their catering service or bringing your own picnic.
Spokane, Washington Wine Club
If you are a wine lover, join the club! They invite their loyal customers to take part in the fun of wine, food, and friendship. Once a member, enjoy exclusive access to their limited-edition wines, their new releases, and other member only special perks. Each member will also receive three bottles of wine in the Spring and in the Fall.

There are a lot of benefits to the wine club such as access to limited edition wines and food pairing recipes. Barrister Winery produces some of the best wines in Spokane, Washington. Join their wine club today at
Downtown Spokane, Washington Wine Tasting
Go taste for yourself by visiting the Winery at 1213 W. Railroad Ave. Spokane, WA. Or the Downtown Tasting Room at 203 N. Washington St. #100, Spokane, WA.

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